Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design

Best choice between Responsive & Adaptive Design

By Naveen Rustagi Posted on : June 29, 2019

One of the most prominent characteristics of the Indian internet user is that it is predominantly accessed via smartphones or tabs. Hence, while designing a website one very significant point to consider is the existence and immense popularity of mobile phones that come in various sizes.

The online presence of a business has become vital for its growth and sustenance in the market. Moreover, with the scope of eCommerce increasing each passing day it becomes very important that the website for your business meets these specific requirements.

While designing a website a web developer has to consider the various screen sizes that would be used to access the site. From wide screens in smart tv to the minuscule screens of smart watches a website has to be accessible and clearly visible to all its visitors. You could opt for either an adaptive or  responsive web design to meet the flexibility of the website to multiple screen sizes. But how do you decide which is the better option for you?

Let us compare the two web design types to ascertain which is better.

Now that we know the main characteristic variation between the two designs lets us look individually at their advantages and disadvantages to understand which a better option for your website would be.

Adaptive web design and its advantages and disadvantages

Adaptive web design was introduced by Aaron Gustafson. It considers the varied screen sizes and operating systems that would be used and develops two or more completely different designs to cater to the needs.



Responsive web design and its advantages and disadvantages

Responsive web design was first introduced by Ethan Marcotte. This web design allows the website to show the content in an optimized way in the available browser space. This means you see the same page with the same option irrespective of the device that you use for viewing.




The decision on the type of web design that you want to usehas to be made as per the functionalities that you are seeking for your website. Your decision has to be based on the monetary profits and the user experience that you intend to achieve. Both the versions have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is only you who would understand which advantages would work for you and which disadvantages would impact your website and its objectives the most. Discuss with your web designer what you want to achieve with

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