How do you decide which is better for your business? -Mobile App or a Responsive Website

By Naveen Rustagi Posted on : July 02, 2019

Smartphones have taken over the digital era. There is almost nothing that mobile phones cannot take care of. In such a scenario if you own a business that wants to do well then, an online presence is not just unavoidable, but it has to be accessible on a mobile phone too. Not all desktop websites can be acclimatized to the much smaller screen of a mobile phone, so you would need to have your website designed specifically to fit into the different screen sizes of the numerous smartphones in the market.

Of the most popular web designs, the Responsive web design is quite often chosen due to the fluidity that allows it to scale automatically to any screen size. So, whether you are viewing the website from a desktop or on a handset you will get the same features. It is a single URL that gives you the same experience on varying screen sizes. This has made the responsive web design the most frequently chosen option.

The mobile app, on the other hand, ensures that the user has it installed on his phone which generates an automatic loyalty to the brand or business. Apart from this the business website owner can control the user experience and provide the best of the services possible. The content available in the mobile app is conditioned for mobile browsing and the dedicated features enhance the user experience.

So how do you decide which is the best option for your website? Let us look into the pros and cons of both the mobile app and the responsive web design to understand this better.

The Pros for a Responsive Mobile website

The cons for a Responsive Mobile website

The Pros for a Mobile App

The cons for a Mobile App

So, which is the best option for your website?

Given the feasibility and the limitations of each type, it can be safe to say that a combination of both forms can work in a great way to help enhance the online presence of your business. The fact that the content of the Responsive site can be Search engine Optimized it can rank on local searches. It would definitely be a good idea to have a responsive website with a link that allowed the users to download the app and a mobile app that also allowed the access to the website with a simple tap.

The choice really depends on two main factors the business type and the extent to which you are willing to invest. Both the options have their own set of positives and negatives which you can explore to see to what extent it will impact the effectiveness of the website or the app.

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