Why should I hire you?

You should definitely hire me after checking my experience and the work, I have delivered. Have a look at the feedback that my clients have shared with me. I am undoubtedly one of the best in web designing and online marketing. Be sure to see the rise in your new website. Few more reasons why I am awesome at my work:

What are the different services that you provide?

I provide creative web designing, front-end developing, UI/UX designing, graphics designing, Shopify and developing a custom Wordpress websites. Moreover, I will also help you in sharing the best ideas, wireframes, designs, developments, cross browser testing, management of the website and its contents, deployment of your site and online marketing and promotion.

What about the copyrights? Do I own it?

Yes, you do own all the copyrights once the full payment is being done.

Where are you based?

I am based out of Delhi. But distance can never be a barrier in this digital world. I have my clients worldwide.

Post-delivery, what if I need you?

Not to worry! I am just a message, email or call away. You can always connect with me whenever you need any kind of help. I believed, good relations never fade away!

What would you need to start a website?

You will need to provide me with:

1. Registered Domain Name
2. Hosting Account (Also SSL Certificate if you plan to have a store)
3. Payment Gateway (Paypal, Stripe etc,) if you plan to have a store
4. Logo, images and copy
5. A deposit paid

If you have all, some or none of the content and accounts above it's OK. I can guide you through the bits only you can do, and for the rest I will do it for you.

What is the duration to design a website?

No website is similar to each other. Therefore, the time required also varies. However, depending on the development and deployment, it ranges from a few days to months. The small sites say of 3 pages will take only a few days whereas a large and complex site might take up to months. We can better sort this out in discussions. On average it would take 4-6 weeks.

What are your charges?

I usually charge on an hourly rate and work for 25hours per week including lots of free hours. Mostly I take up two websites at a time. We can always talk and discuss further!

What will your website include in it?

After all it is your website and it will solely depend on the specifications that you want to add on it. Features like mobile friendly, control panel, training materials, website maintenance with updated changes will be included in most of the websites.

Can you help me with my old busted website?

Yes, I will be more than happy to help you. However, my experience recommends that you use a clean slate than trying to untangle the outdated. That would be more time and cost efficient. Let is get connected to discuss the best option.

What if I am not from Delhi? Can we still work with you?

Staying in an era of digitization, distance has never been a barrier to my work. Stay wherever you are in this world, we can still connect and get the projects done. I have worked with many of the USA, UK, Dubai clients.

Are you free to collaborate or join us as a team?

I have been part of many different teams. If you find me suitable and need my service for your team, we can surely collaborate. Let's talk.

What about my logo? Will you design it for me?

Logo designing is my passion. I love such a challenge, Have a look at my portfolio for some really cool designs. Share me your options and let us discuss it.

Although I have a developer in my project, still wanted some help from you. Are you available?

Yes, I am. I have collaborated with plenty of other developers across the globe. In fact, I love to mix and learn from different people in the industry

What is web hosting and why should I require this?

you need to host your website so that it reaches to the people worldwide. Your website needs to be stored permanently so that it is connected to the internet. It is more like you are renting s commercial space for your traditional business so that customers may come and visit it. A good quality web hosting would mean that your site is secured and would load fast for everyone to access worldwide. I will take care of everything for you!

But where and how can I host my website?

Not to worry, as I offer hosting services for a minimal annual fee. The fee will include automatic backups, regular security updates and patches. Simple shoot me a mail with your questions and leave up to me to deal with the technical kinds of stuff.

What about the Domain names?

Well, domain names allow people to reach to your websites. Mostly all the domain names would cost you around $10. However, prices might vary depending on the exclusive address. If you do not have a domain name reserved, I am here to help you with the purchase.